The Halloween Experience at ETSS Wicklow

A really great Halloween experience at ETSS Wicklow on Friday 23 October - thanks to all the students and teachers who set this up and made it such a great afternoon - and very importantly, a special mention for June, our amazing Events Organiser, for putting it all together and creating such a special day at ETSS Wicklow.  


It was always going to be difficult to adjust to a very strange set of new rules for this year - masks, hygiene, social distancing - it's a 'brave new world' but all the students and staff at ETSS Wicklow have shown great resilience in finding ways to work well in these conditions, building morale and inspiring everyone. 

Activity Clubs are running at every lunch time and already, we've had three theme weeks - Diversity Week, Active Week and Languages Week. Now Mathematics Week is arriving - time to look forward to more of those great puzzles which caused such intense competition last year. One of the memorable moments so far was when the wellbeing committee tried a traditional way of enjoying a break by bringing an ice cream van to the school on a Friday afternoon and all students were able to enjoy ice creams as they looked out at the beautiful sunlit sea. 

Congratulations to everyone on keeping our school safe and finding ways to improve the quality of life during these times. ETSS Wicklow Covid-19 Response Plan is published in PDF form here.

Adventure Day

Ice Cream for Everyone

Interactive Mathematics Games for the 
Socially Distanced Classroom 

Learn about hand hygiene
   How washing hands properly stops bacteria
How to properly wash your hands


This year Educate Together is developing a new secondary school in Wicklow Town and the fundamental principles of democracy and diversity will be seen at work right from the start. At Educate Together, we are passionate about bringing learning to life - through discussion and debate, critical thinking and problem-solving, creativity and communication. We believe in methodologies that make learning make sense. 

There is no bigger adventure than to build a school together. We want to be innovative and listen to all ideas that can help us build a better school. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you find our way of looking at education refreshing and inspiring. For further information, please feel free to contact us.


1.       Model United Nations Conference for First Years and Second Years

2.       Debates involving members of the community (e.g. election debate with local politicians)

3.       Curriculum Innovation: (a) The Creativity Project; (b) Guitar on the Curriculum; (c) Gardening; (d) Philosophy;

4.       Multi-Whiteboard Room for group work and project work and Multi-Screen Room to get rid of the idea of 'the back of the class'

5.       A blended learning approach to screen time and screen-free time - writing, technology, speaking and social time are all ways of learning actively

6.       Learning to keep time ourselves - no bells needed! 

7.       Public Speaking Training - structuring speeches, learning to answer questions confidently, being better listeners, speaking to big audiences 

8.       School Festival - Concert, Sports Day, Social Time - Emphasis on Participation 

9.       Oral Exams in all subjects at Easter - let's talk about our learning!

10.     Students on the Board of Management and the Advisory Board of Studies - bringing students to the heart of building a great new school!


T                                                                                     Learn Together to Live Together - No Child an Outsider
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