If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.”   (Jimi Hendrix)

Learning Guitar at ETSS Wicklow

The guitar short course is one of our own inventions at ETSS Wicklow. We have a number of staff members who love music and play the guitar and they want to share this wonderful gift with the students of this school. 

It is a course that benefits student well-being in giving students an opportunity to express their creativity and interest in music and it is also giving them the opportunity of developing a life skill which can bring them joy long into the future. 

Students studying the guitar short course in ETSS Wicklow are introduced to the fundamentals of guitar playing. Through studying this course students learn to read and understand basic guitar tablature and how to tune a guitar using a digital tuner. Pupils who study this short course will complete a list of beginner songs on guitar including songs of their own choosing.

Many of these young guitarists partake in school school performances, a practical example of the social benefits of playing guitar.