Transition Year History at ETSS Wicklow will strive to expand interest and excitement for history developed during the Junior Cycle.

There will be an emphasis on debate, discussion, and the formation of one’s personal opinions based on the study of historical places, contexts and events. Students are encouraged to enjoy working with source documents such as historical artefacts, wartime propaganda, political cartoons, and surviving examples of historical photographic evidence.  

Transition Year students will have the opportunity to develop better research skills. This will entail finding relevant engaging sources, gathering data, and learning how to edit and structure their writing. Throughout the year, students will perfect their essay writing skills.  

Throughout the duration of the course, students will have an amazing opportunity to study a diverse range of subject matter, tapping into and expanding on their Junior Cycle knowledge and preparing them for the Senior Cycle history course. Students will engage with topics such as:

1.  An Explanation of the Leaving Cert Syllabus:

  • Bridging the gap between Junior and Senior Cycle
  • History essay workshops
  • In-depth Character studies of relevant famous figures
  • Discovering key factors of both early and late modern Senior Cycle history courses

2. The Hidden History of Ireland:

  • Archaeology
  • Prehistoric Ireland
  • History of Wicklow Town
  • Key moments in Irish History

3. An Introduction to European History – World War 1

  • Irish involvement in W.W.1
  • Battle of the Somme, using documentary evidence
  • Advances in technology
  • New styles of warfare, land, sea and air
  • Effect on civilian populations

4. An Introduction to American History 1945-1989:

  • Racial conflict
  • Korean War
  • Suburbia
  • Rosa Parks
  • Martin Luther King
  • Kennedy: 1961-1963
  • The Space Race and the 1969 Moon Landings
  • Vietnam War

5. Possible Field Trips:

  • Archaeological Workshop
  • Wicklow Town walking tour & Wicklow Gaol visit
  • Wicklow Library Archives
  • National History Museum- Dublin
  • Newgrange - Meath
  • National Heritage center – Wexford
  • Titanic exhibition-Belfast
  • Dún Aonghasa – Galway (Inishmore )  
  • Aillwee Caves - Clare
  • Ceide Fields - Mayo

Assessment: Project based (100%)

Transition year students will be encouraged to create a ‘concept museum’ of photographs, statements, primary and secondary sources and local speakers along with videos of a topic of their choice. This project will be relevant to Wicklow town’s abundant and vivid Historical events and figures.