Maths Club is a co-curricular activity for students who could use a little more time for engaging in key mathematical concepts and could benefit from an informal friendly support service providing additional support in the subject. 

Another key function of this club is to provide gifted students the opportunity to excel in mathematics by engaging in more advanced mathematical challenges. 

The club functions as a Mathematics Enrichment Centre with a key element of its approach involving experiencing real life problem-solving that supports deeper learning of the connections of mathematics to real life environments. Students in the Maths Club engage with tasks that develop their conceptual understanding of mathematical operations and relations.

The goal of Maths Club is to further develop a productive disposition in students toward Mathematics, to see the subject as sensible, useful and worthwhile. Maths club strives to build student belief in diligence, perseverance and one’s own efficacy. 

During Maths Club, students engage in rich learning experiences that transform how they look at of mathematics and its place in the world around them.


ETSS WIcklow Maths teacher John Maddock is building a great mathematics tradition at ETSS Wicklow using his expertise as a former advisor to the Department of Education’s Junior Cycle Mathematics Team.