Junior Certificate Materials Technology (Wood) provides students in the junior cycle with an opportunity to explore their role in making and shaping their environment. It involves the use of a design process, which is a central feature of the subject, through which students undertake tasks that require the use of practical problem-solving skills and the application of scientific and technological knowledge.

Junior Cycle Wood Technology aims to develop the necessary conceptual understanding, disciplinary skills, and subject knowledge to investigate and solve real-life problems while progressing the development of a range of manipulation skills through processing wood and other materials. Wood Technology is a subject that will allow students to explore and learn about a key natural resource that nature has provided. Trees and wooden material have a unique relationship with nature and humankind. The sustainable use and management of this natural resource is important as the world faces the challenges of the 21st century. From habitats to construction or recreation to oxygen creation this resource can play a significant role in wellbeing of our planet. To this end it is important that citizens be given the opportunity to become knowledgeable about this resource, exploring its heritage and potential as a material for the future.

In Wood Technology, students will explore the natural and made world through the medium of design, seeking out opportunities to creatively and innovatively apply the material/resource in making and shaping their environment. Wood as a material resource has seen much innovation and change. Technological advances have created significant opportunities to expand the use of wood as a resource for a broad range of applications. Students will approach design through experiential learning in order to gain an appreciation for its incorporation into everyday life. Design is fundamental to making the world a better for sustainable place. The concept of design is commonly known as the “plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose”

Health and safety is core to promoting student reasonability for a safe working environment. In Material technology wood, students will incorporate safety principles through their work that they can apply to their everyday lives. Students will become aware of their surrounds and potential ways of mitigating risk and hazards.

At ETSS Wicklow students have access to a range of state-of-the-art equipment and tools to facilitate students’ participation in the latest processing and design techniques. Including a laser cutter and CNC (computer numerical controlled) router system. With these systems, creativity come to life and flourish.

     Shaping and manipulation wood was one of the earliest skills humankind developed