A number of interim policies are in place to provide guidance in running the school. These interim policies were approved in August 2019 as first stepping stones in the policy development plan of the school. Parents, students, staff and the Board of Management are in the process of developing these interim policies as the school moves forward:

  1. Data Protection Policy
  2. Healthy Eating Policy 
  3. Supervision Policy
  4. Dress Code Policy
  5. Class & Classroom Allocation Policy
  6. Parental Involvement Policy
  7. Sustainable Environment Policy

Copies of interim policies are available on request at the school office


    Policy development starts by discussing a policy as an item on the agenda of a staff meeting and then putting in place a steering committee of staff volunteers to prepare a draft policy for everyone to consider. The draft policy is reviewed and amended by staff, parents, students and the Board of Management before being presented for final approval to the Board. 

    Preparing a draft policy involves reviewing present structures, researching regulations and guidelines from the DES and other relevant educational agencies, learning about policies in operation in other secondary schools elsewhere and holding lots of discussions about how best to construct the policy for ETSS Wicklow. 

    It takes time and commitment from a lot of people. The Board of Management is really grateful to everyone for all their work in bringing through policies to ratification.