Welcome to ETSS Wicklow website and thank you for taking the time to learn more about our school. 

We hope this website gives you some insight into the values of our new Educate Together Secondary School and the work of our school community in developing a diverse, inclusive, democratic and student-centred model of education. 

Our goal is to build a place where all students can engage with learning and reach their potentials. Students are encouraged to develop their creativity, critical thinking and collaboration skills through a wide range of subjects and co-curricular activities. The teaching staff promote the joy of learning and the benefits of lifelong-learning and aim to provide the highest level of instruction possible in the most varied ways possible - using iPads and Microsoft Teams as part of a technological approach, group work and projects as part of a collaborative approach, writing and speaking as part of an academic approach and reflection and feedback as part of a reflective and democratic approach. 

In a broader sense, students will have the opportunity to engage in sports, musical activities, creative projects, national competitions, the students' council, public speaking activities and much more - see our co-curricular section.  

We hope that you will feel inspired by the model of education at ETSS Wicklow.

Principal John Maddock