Over the past two years during the Covid-19 pandemic, as a school, we have prepared an extensive plan for online learning. This plan covers short-term closures due to weather events for example, or medium to longer term closures such as we have experienced due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 


  • For two hours on the first morning of school closure, staff will go through the plan for the school closure (timetable, arrangements) 
  • The platform to be used by default will be Microsoft Teams - all students and staff are trained in using this system during an online school training day scheduled for November each year
  • Teachers will provide live classes for students according to an agreed timetable - this will be kept as close as possible to the usual timetable, but screen breaks will be built into each lesson plan (ten minutes per class)
  • Instructional resources – teachers will select the most appropriate materials for online learning to enhance the quality of their online classes
  • Wellbeing initiatives such as general assemblies and special events will be organised - the platform zoom will be used for such events
  • Learning support will be available to students in separate Teams which they can visit by appointment for assistance with homework or revising work
  • SNA support will be available
  • Staff will operate according to the safety and security protocols for the platforms used
  • A plan for exams is also in place in the event of a school closure extending into one of the exam weeks during the year
  • The school will contact families in cases where disengagement from the online school is evident and work on individual plans to help resolve the situation 
  • All meetings will continue as normal (PSA meetings, Parent-Teacher meetings, Staff Meetings , Student Council Meetings, etc..) 
  • Using this online model of learning, students will be able to continue their education during school closures to the best possible levels and can complete assignments through the Teams system and collaborate with other students through the group chat 
  • They can access, share and edit Word documents, their OneNote work, PowerPoint presentations and Excel files in real time
  • Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool which helps class groups share learning in interesting and innovative ways
  • Teachers can post work and monitor who has read assignments and who has completed them
  • Our experience of Microsoft Teams as a system for online learning is that it allows students to learn at their own rhythm, it helps them use technology correctly and it builds technical expertise across the school community of best practice in teaching and learning in the online mode

Resources to help virtual learning - (1) (recordings); (2) (templates); (3) Flipgrid (class plans);