What time does school the school open?                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Classes begin at 08.30 with Tutor Time - the school itself will be open to receive students from 08.15 

What time does school the school close? 

The last class finishes at 15.45, except for Wednesday which is a half-day - classes finish at 13.00

Can students leave the school during the break or lunch times? 

No - students are not allowed to leave the school during the school day unless supervised by staff

What are the office hours of the school?

08.15 - 16.00 (except for Wednesday, 08.15 - 13.00)

What is the dress code? 

There is no uniform, but clothes must be school appropriate with comfort and practicality the main considerations. Clothing with offensive slogans is not allowed.

What extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are there? 

At present we have Gaelic, Soccer, Basketball, Handball, Athletics, Equestrian Sports and Table-Tennis. To find out about co-curricular activities, follow this link. 

What is the school policy on mobile phones? 

Students are allowed to bring mobile phones and use them to communicate with family members before or after school hours, but students are not allowed to use them during the day - they need to be stored in the lockers. 

How can I help my child settle into the school? 

We use iPads in classes, so please plan for this. If you ensure that they have all resources needed for classes and that they arrive at school on time, this is a big support. Also, if you can encourage them to get involved in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, they will benefit from the opportunities available at the school to develop new interests. If you keep an eye on the website so that you know what’s going on at school, this is also very helpful. Contact us with any concerns and we will work to find solutions.

What is the behaviour code? 

We have a code of behaviour for the school and students and teachers work together to create negotiated behaviour contracts for classes - more generally, we ask all students to be kind to others, to accept people for who they are and to be polite and respectful at all times. It is important that everyone understands that bullying and disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated. Our aim is to create a culture where learning and teaching can excel. 

How can parents become involved in school life? 

One really good way to become involved is to join the Parent-Staff Association (PSA). We are looking forward to working with a proactive PSA during the year. Also we welcome the involvement of parents and guardians in the general life of our school. If you have a skill which can benefit the school community and you would like to help us in a project, please talk to us about your idea. 

Will there be lockers available for the students? 

Yes - lockers are available in each classroom. 

Will there be a School Canteen? 

Not yet - in the first years as the school is growing, students are asked to bring packed lunches. 

Where is the location of the school?

The location of the temporary accommodation of the school is 'The Glebe, Wicklow' (eircode: A67 N797).

Where will the permanent location of the school be?

This has not yet been decided, but we will keep you updated on developments. The timescale for the new building is 3-5 years. 

Do you have an ASD unit?