Transition year is a one year program that is designed to give students a platform to grow and develop. It also acts as a bridge between the junior cycle and the leaving cycle. Transition year woodwork will both prepare students for leaving certificate construction  studies as well as providing a platform to explore their own personal interests through the medium of wood.

Transition year aims to enhance the  development of  the necessary conceptual understanding, disciplinary skills, and subject knowledge to investigate and solve real-life problems while progressing the development of a range of manipulation skills through processing wood and other materials. Students will get a chance to explore different aspects of the craft of carpentry such as Marquetry & Veneers. In this project, students will create the own designs and develop them through the medium of Marquetry & Veneers on several pieces of locally sourced sustainable timber.

Students can build on their junior cycle knowledge of wood science and the environment or they can start studying woodwork for the first time. Students will be given a chance to explore their local surrounding and habitats to see where their timber really comes from. The importance of trees in the environment can not be underestimated from habitats to construction or recreation to oxygen creation, this resource can play a significant role in wellbeing of our planet. To this end, Transition Year is an important opportunity to become knowledgeable about this resource, exploring its heritage and potential as a material for the future. Students will create a habitat portfolio based on local forests such as the Devils Glen Wood.

Students will also be working with state-of-the-art equipment, including a laser cutter. In this part of the module, students will design and laser cut small structures, learning about forces incorporating physics into their studies. This will be a scale version of some iconic structures seen around the globe. This will provide students with first hand insight into good structural design practices.