The goal of Educate Together Secondary School Wicklow (ETSS Wicklow) is to empower students with the knowledge and life skills to be successful in life both in terms of personal achievement and as active and engaged members in a democratic community.  The core values of the school are:

  • mutual respect
  • dignity 
  • critical awareness
  • inclusivity 

Students, parents, staff and the Board of Management join together in developing the work of the school in promoting these values. ETSS Wicklow prioritises the highest possible levels of academic achievement so that every student reaches their potential while also prioritising a strong commitment to the holistic education of every student. The positive and transformative outcomes of academic achievement are clear and the child-centred focus of ETSS Wicklow means that active learning methodologies are encouraged. The school aspires to promote the joy of learning and the philosophy that learning is a lifelong process. Along with a strong curriculum, students are encouraged to participate in school life by taking part in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities such as sports, drama, public speaking, creative projects, the Students' Council and/or musical events, all of which provide platforms to work in teams, develop new interests and build social skills.  

ETSS Wicklow promotes equality, inclusivity, student achievement, innovation and creativity