English Course at ETSS Wicklow
                  Literary Awareness Week - Drop Everything and Read

English is a core subject in the Junior Certificate and is studied by all students in ETSS Wicklow. All years receive three hour long classes per week.

The study of English enables students to enjoy in the English language, discover information, develop thinking, and express ideas and feelings.

English lessons are designed to ensure that students are actively involved in the integrated skills of oral language, reading and writing. Students discuss and compare a wide variety of texts and forms of English. Study is a social activity as well as a personal one, so students have opportunities to work in groups to achieve appropriate language goals. Some of this group work will explore cross-curricular themes through Project Based Learning (PBL).

The ability to appreciate literature from different cultures is important in developing the whole person and to this end, students are encouraged to read literature with insight and imagination not only in class but privately as well. We have a whole-school approach to the promotion of reading for pleasure.

The goals of English are to:
  • Foster a love of communication, expression, respect and creativity;
  • Create an awareness of the value of literature in its many forms for enriching perception, enhancing sense of cultural identity, and creating experiences of aesthetic pleasure;         
  • Develop a respect and appreciation for language and a competence in a wide range of skills, both oral and written;         
  • Develop the ability to communicate ideas and theories both individually and as part of a team;
  • Build a passion for reading as a lifelong hobby.