The language club in our school focusses on broadening our students views of the world. Not only do we encourage them to learn and practice French and/or Spanish during club time, but we want to equip them to participate in social activities and projects through a European platform called eTwinning.

To enhance students learning and knowledge, we watch movies, listen to music and play games in the target language. Students work together to improve their skills in a fun way. They are free to suggest to the teacher themes they personally enjoy, movies or songs  as well. Their own initiative is always encouraged and supported. The language club is a good place to immerse yourself and be exposed to a new language.

The main reason to start learning a language is to be able to communicate with people around the world. This is how e-Twinning, the European community platform, can help. It offers different school projects and student exchanges and it promotes European collaboration in the target language. Students soon realise that e-Twinning is one of the greatest tools for our language club projects.