Junior Cycle Home Economics develops the knowledge, understanding, skills and values necessary to achieve optimal, healthy, and sustainable living for every person. It is studied through three interconnected strands: Food, Health and Culinary Skills; Responsible Family Living; and. Textiles and Craft.

Home Economics here at ETSS Wicklow develops students’ practical food and health literacy skills so that they are enabled to adopt a healthy lifestyle and make informed decisions that positively impact their health and wellbeing. It nurtures students’ resourcefulness, innovation, adaptability, and competency as consumers. It develops students’ creative design and textile skills. It enables students to be environmentally conscious and dedicated to a sustainable and responsible way of life.

All first-year students sample Home Economics as part of a taster module. They then decide whether or not they would like to do Home Economics for the Junior Cycle. Areas covered in Home Economics are related to food, nutrition, diet and health, family and social concerns, consumer issues and textiles and clothing.

Home Economics here at ETSS Wicklow, develops students’ essential life skills and personal independence. It supports the development of students who are critical, creative thinkers and encourages students to be problem solvers capable of making ethically and socially responsible decisions.