ETSS Wicklow started its life in temporary accommodation in Crinion Park, Wicklow Town and has now moved to the former Abbey Community College, The Glebe. 

Our final destination will be a newly built modern school in two to three years time. To get an idea of how our school might look, watch the video alongside this text of the new secondary school Ballymakenny College, Co. Louth, an Educate Together/ETB secondary school.    

The philosophy at ETSS Wicklow is to  encourage young people to strive to reach their best potentials in all areas of school life. The future will be full of challenges and opportunities. We are in an era where globalisation continues to create closer connections across the world, technology is developing at a phenomenal pace, work practices are changing, new careers are emerging, and the importance of sustainability  in our approach to progress is fundamentally important. Our goal is to provide the best possible education to prepare students for the challenges and possibilities ahead, because a first class education is a profoundly important step in developing the ability to shape that future.  

fastest Growing School in Wicklow

As ETSS Wicklow moves into its fifth year, we now have 303 students and over 40 staff. ETSS Wicklow embraces technology and is ambitious to lead. We are happy to offer the Educate Together model for education to Wicklow Town.

ETSS Wicklow is a place where a lot of interesting projects are happening - as a school, we have created  a high tech online Model United Nations event for Junior Certificate students all over Ireland and a national debating competition for all 23 schools in the growing Educate Together Secondary School network. We are also involved in the Creative Schools Project, the Young Scientist Competition, the Green School's Programme, the Astro Pi competition and many other top initiatives in modern education.

We hope as you explore this website you will see our forward-thinking approach and find our way of looking at education refreshing.