Introduction to the Philosophy Short Course at ETSS Wicklow

Philosophy is a choice subject and is studied by some students once a week for one hour. All first years have a taster for two weeks to try out the subject. The course consists of the foundations for doing the philosophy strand as well as four other choice strands. It is student-centred and project based.

Philosophy explores and questions students' understanding of themselves, their world and their place in it. Students engage with philosophical questions, common big questions, logic, arguments, collaborative problem-solving and reflecting on how they and others grapple with these questions.


  • To map out an argument, listen to others, ask, probe, express and seek different ideas and information in a democratic space.
  • To identify reasoning, weaknesses, authority, argument, explanation and an anecdote.
  • To identify carefully and respectfully to each other to critically analyse and compare. 
  • To seek out different viewpoints and perspectives as per the Philosophy Specification.


  • Continuous, formal, oral and project based assessments;
  • Classroom Based Assessment (portfolio of reflection and a ‘philosophical enquiry’ project).